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Return Fare Range : Rs 29000 to Rs 31000
Visa Fees And Time : Rs 2620, 2 working days
Currency To INR : Kenyan Shilling, INR 0.67
Average Daily Expense
Per Day(Stay, Travel & Food)
: INR 7988

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Kenya Travel Information

Kenya Covid 19 Travel Restrictions for Leisure Travelers. 

Leisure travelers can travel to Kenya. 

1. Foreign nationals are expected to have a valid passport and a visa in order to travel to Kenya. In addition, all passengers must comply with the following requirements:

 - Take a PCR test before traveling to Kenya and test negative for COVID-19

 - Present a health certificate confirming the above test

 - Complete the “Travelers Health Surveillance Form”

 - Submit to medical screening upon arrival in Kenya

 - Undergo quarantine if necessary

2. The sample for the PCR test must have been taken at most 96 hours before arriving in the country for the vast majority of travelers.

3. Travelers who are eligible to visit Kenya with an electronic visa (eVisa) are currently able to do so. With borders reopened and flights operating to and from the country, passengers can travel with a Kenya eVisa even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Best time to Visit Kenya

The best time to visit Kenya depends on whether you’re interested in visiting the Masai Mara, Mombasa or Mount Kenya and the game viewing during your Safari in those areas. Or the Best Time to spend in beaches, snorkeling or Scuba Diving.

Kenya is a year-round destination and experiences four main seasons. 

January to March is hot and dry

April to June is hot and wet warm 

July to October dry period 

November and early December is warm and wet weather 

The biggest influxes of visitors are in December–January and July–August. November and March are the months with the clearest seas for snorkelling and diving. 

During the long rains – from March to May – some accommodation may shut down, and travel can be tough. 

Kenya Visa Information for Indian Citizens

Indian Travelers will need a tourist visa to visit Kenya. 

There is an Evisa Facility as well as Visa on Arrival for Kenya.

Travelers can opt for any of the two, Applying for Evisa is also an easy process and saves you waiting time and hassle at the airport. 

Time for Processing : 2 Business Days

Embassy Fees

Rs 3630 (Single Entry for 90 Days)

Validity and Maximum Stay

Validity: 90 days after arrival

Maximum Stay: 90 Days

Doccuments Required

6 Months Valid Passport

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Details of Accomodation

Return Flight Tickets

Purpose of travel and itinerary