Official Tourism Website :
Return Fare Range : INR 25000 to 31000
Visa Fees And Time : INR 2900, 5 to 6 working days
Currency To INR : Egyptian Pound, INR 4.71
Average Daily Expense
Per Day(Stay, Travel & Food)
: INR 1845

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Egypt Travel Information

Egypt Covid 19 Travel Restrictions for Leisure Travelers. 

1. Flights to Egypt Restarted. 

2. All passengers "including Egyptians" travelling to Egypt must be in possession of negative PCR test certificate for (COVID-19), maximum 72 hours (before flight departure time

3. International Passengers who are travelling directly to (Sharm el Sheikh / Taba / Hurghada /Marsa Alam) airports who failed to submit a valid PCR test (72 hours before flight departure time), shall undergo the PCR test upon arrival to those airports with charge of 30 USD. “Those passengers will be isolated in their hotels till the PCR test result is received and “In case the PCR is positive, passenger will be self-isolated in his / her room at the hotel and to coordinate with the Egyptian Ministry of health”

4. Quarantine: Passengers coming to Egypt will be followed up for 14 days by The Quarantine Authorities and Ministry of Health Offices.

Best Time to visit Egypt

With Egypt main sights to see falling in Deserts, Summers are not an ideal time to visit Egypts, unless heats does not bother you more than finding those cheap travel deals. The summer season (May to September) is hot, although the high temperatures are alleviated by very dry air, far fewer visitors and lower prices. Winters are the peak tourist season in Egypt followed by Spring and Autumn. 

Egypt’s peak tourist season falls between late November to late February, seen by most as the best time to visit. March or April are also good times to visit, with a pleasant climat

June to September is an excellent time to visit the Red Sea beach resorts. Despite being the peak of summer, temperatures on the coast are much cooler than inlands.

Egypt Visa Information for Indian Citizens

Indian Travelers will need a tourist visa to visit Egypt. 
Egypt Evisa Facility is not available for Indian Citizens.  
Time for Processing : 
5 to 6 Working Days
Embassy Fees
Single Entry – Rs 2900
Multiple Entry Rs 4000
Validity and Maximum Stay
Validity: 90 days after arrival
Maximum Stay: 30 Days
Doccuments Required
  1. Two passport size photographs of the applicant
  2. The visa application form
  3. The applicant’s income tax return for the past 3 years (not mandatory)
  4. A valid covering letter or a request letter to the consular
  5. Air tickets
  6. The applicant’s bank statement from the previous 6 months. The bank statement must be attested by a gazette officer from the bank and the account should have a minimum of Rs.50000.
  7. Xerox of the first and last page of the applicant’s passport as well as the original passport itself.