Cape Verde

Official Tourism Website :
Return Fare Range :
Visa Fees And Time : Visa on Arrival, Euro 25
Currency To INR : Cape Verdean Escudo, INR 0.80
Average Daily Expense
Per Day(Stay, Travel & Food)
: INR 9242

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Wish will be granted on : 2021-05-25

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Cape Verde Travel Information

Cape Verde Covid 19 Travel Restrictions for Leisure Travelers. 

Indian Travelers can travel to Cape Verde

  1. Flights to Cape Verde have restarted. 
  2. Passengers must have a medical certificate with negative coronavirus (Covid 19) PCR test results issued atmost 72 hours before departure. 
  3. The need to self-isolate for 14 days if you’ve got COVID-19 symptoms.

Best Time to Visit Cape Verde

Cape Verde has a beautiful sub tropical climate that is warm and sunny all year round with temperatures between 24-30°C throughout the year.  With such beautiful climates and beaches and low humidity, travelers love to keep returning back here for there sea time. 

In November to March with higher winds, larger waves can be found on some of the islands, which is popular with water sport enthusiasts. Water sports lovers, enjoys Cape Verde in the months of February to April. 

August to mid- October is  the rainy season on the Cape Verde Islands, although it only comes to short strong showers on very few days during this travel season

Ideally You can visit Cape Verde, whenever you want to. 

Cape Verde Visa Information for Indian Citizens

Indian Travelers will need a tourist visa to visit Cape Verde. 
There is an Visa on Arrival Facility for Cape Verde. 

Embassy Fees: Euro 25

Validity and Maximum Stay
Maximum Stay: 30 Days

Doccuments Required
6 Months Valid Passport
2 Recent Photo with white background
Accomodation Proof
Sufficient Funds to support your trip
Visa fees in cash.