About Us

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We are committed to bringing together people who in turn help each other in realizing their travel dreams, all by simply wishing together. Wishfare is the masses’ voice and we take it to the airlines. How? By bringing the collaborative power of social wishes of customers and conveying them to a wide range of airlines. Through Wishfare, travellers can benefit from discounts previously limited to only large travel companies collaborating with airlines. There is Strength in Unity, when customers choose to Wish together!

Wishfare is an idea born out of pure passion of a traveller with years of experience as a social media & travel entrepreneur. The essence of Wishfare rests in empowering every travel enthusiast to take that trip within their own budget. Wishfare platform is only for the crazy folks out there who earn and save to travel, who are always scouting for the best deals and plan their travel destination on the basis of cheapest flight available for any dates.


Why do we use it?

Wishfare platform promotes users to share their wishes. Platform’s core vision is to fulfill each and every wish of its users and to enable them to fulfill their travel dreams by providing them cheap airfares as well as an opportunity to win free air tickets.

You mean, I make a Wish on the Platform and then come back to recieve it?

Yes, that is exactly what we mean.

What happens after I share my wish on Wishfare?

After a user shares a wish on the platform, he/she is updated about a time and date to visit us back and receive the wish of cheap fare deals before the stock lasts as there will be limited seats.

Do you provide Round Fare deals and how do you select dates for the Round Fare Deal Offers?

Yes, we provide deals and fares for the round trip. Wishfare picks the dates for the round fare deals based on majority of wishes shared by our users.

Will I be only able to Buy the Deals after I have wished on platform?

Yes, we inspire users to wish on the platform and only after a user has wished, will be able to receive the wishfares.

Can I also Buy the deal for my friends and family?

We inspire users to invite their friends and ask them to wish. So friends and family can also grab the offer.