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Wishfare your way to Cheapest flights from India


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Wishfare your way to Cheapest flights from India

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How to Find Cheap Flights for your next international Travel from India?

 Finding Cheap Airfares are undoubtedly the first step towards deciding which destination to choose for you next International Travel for Solo Travelers, Backpackers and Globetrotters aka The DIY Travelers. Most of the times, The DIY Travelers is on their own when finding Cheap Flight tickets for their next international travel, As Airfares are the costliest part in complete international travel budget. In this article, we will be covering what are the top hacks to finding cheap international airfares for the DIY Travelers. In the article below you will find our top one hack which will guarantee you the cheapest airfares on your international travel bucket list. 

1. Be Flexible with your Date and Time of Travel

All the DIY Travelers, the spontaneous amongst us, who just needs a flight ticket and a great place to travel, hates the planned itineraries and costly travel agents, The First rule of thumb followed by them in finding cheap airfares is being flexible with their date and time. Although true is the above statement but the point here is also in knowing, which exactly is the right date, month or time to travel to which international destination from India. Many people have many assumptions, theories with partial success rate to follow in What is the right time to finding cheap international air tickets. We are listing top 5, for you below

  • Look for Non-seasonal Months for your travel bucket list destinations and set up google alerts for when that cheap airfares are available.
  • Book Red Eye Flights, The Flights taking off at Night time
  • Some Websites, also suggest you to book on Tuesdays, Thursdays or some other days of the week, claiming that is when the cheap airfares are available.
  • Some website, suggests you to plan your trip on weekdays instead of weekends. All though that is true but it is generic rule that almost everyone is well aware of.
  • Don`t Travel in holiday seasons, that is when everybody is traveling and the flight tickets are bound to be higher. 

In Nutshell it is true that if you are flexible with your date and time of Travel, you will find cheap airfares for your international travel destinations. But Nobody can exactly say that what is the right date and time to getting the cheapest international flight tickets. So it becomes more of a game of luck than skill. 

Here is what we recommend you to do as Our, Top one hack to finding that cheap international airfares 

A. Go to Wishfare.com

B. Make a Wish to Travel to your favorite International Travel Destination with your preferred time to travel. 

C. Wait and Dream to Travel to your favorite travel destinations with cheapest airfares possible. 

D. They will do all the hard work, by collating all the wishes of Travelers and getting jaw dropping cheap airfare deals from airlines, especially for all the DIY travelers out there.

We use the Collaborative power of Social wishes from the community of their travelers to get you that cheap airfare for you next international travel. 

2. Be Flexible with your Travel Destinations. 

So If you cannot be flexible with when you should travel, the next best suggestion is to be flexible with where you should travel. There are many sites and app that help you to look for destinations to Travel anywhere in the world with cheapest airfares. How it ideally works is, If you have decided that you want to travel in say the Month of November, You open up various sites and apps that will be show you what are the top destinations with cheapest airfares available in the month of November, Next what you should do is check for airfares for those destinations in different months. If you are satisfied that yes, you are getting the cheapest airfares. You can make that booking. 

Here you might get cheap airfares for your chosen time but if you are flexible with your destination. The only big If here is, How much cheap price can you get. Price may vary by small proportion in most of the cases. But this trick is also followed by lot of DIY Travelers, For the DIY travelers have to pack their bags, when they wish to travel and get the cheap flight tickets easy and simple with this method. 

Here is our top hack to finding those cheap International tickets from India, if you are flexible with your travel destination. 

A. You don`t need to be Flexible with your favorite International Travel Destination. You only need to wait, once you have locked in your wishes with Wishfare.com

B. Wishfare has curated all its destinations as those destinations, which are most appealing to the DIY travelers, solo travelers, backpackers and the globetrotters. All you need to do is Go to their website and choose you favorite destination and lock in your wishes. 

C. Once you have locked in your wishes wait for them to do their work and they will keep you posted on the status of your Wishes. Once your wishfare is ready, which is the cheapest airfare to your favorite travel destination, you will receive the cheapest airfares in your inbox. 

D. Good Part is Neither you have to be flexible with your destination or dates. Only thing you have to do is Wish and Wait. 

E. Another exciting factor is you can wish for as many destinations and travel dates. If you are creative in How you are wishing for your favorite travel destination with different combinations of dates. You will only be flying with cheapest airfares possible on your favorite travel destinations, all through the year. 

3. Ignore all Myths. 

What we have observed while reading through plethora of articles on finding those cheapest airfares on your International Travel is 

A. Every article is a copy of one another. 

B. Nobody really exactly can guarantee you what works and what does not, for some people their luck worked and they are telling you how they got lucky and many other are following their path trying to be lucky. 

C. Appealing to all the common sense of the world, I wonder occasionally that if there really was a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday where cheap airfares are actually available on airline sites, why shall airline not itself promote those offers and what is there to hide. 

D. My curiosity leads me to the second most interesting questions i.e. If airlines are flying in non-seasonal months, their occupancy per flight is going to be low, they will be running much smaller number of flights. Hence the price is expected to be higher than lower. And Vice Versa in the case of good seasonal months if the occupancy is high and airline is running higher number of flights per destination, they might average the fares which will possible suit the DIY Travelers wishes of cheap airfares.

E. We believe only travel companies that are buying those tickets in bulk from airlines or have preferred agreements with the airlines are only expected to know, when can airfares be the lowest, i.e. when they have bought it to be. If that is the case, they are expected to make higher margins on those then pass on heavy discounts to customers. And it is definitely not in favor of Airlines to actually let people know when exactly are the airfares cheapest and if that is the case, they must sure keep changing their strategies and most of the time travelers are not expected to know when is which strategy at Work. 

4. Our Number one hack to Getting Cheap Airfares to your favorite International travel destinations.

We believe the key is not in finding or trying your luck with different permutations and combinations, we believe the key is in actually getting them. Getting cheapest airfares, but How?

Wishfare is started with the vision to empower all the DIY Travelers, Globetrotters and backpackers who simply need Cheap International Air Tickets and a great place to travel. Simply said planned itineraries and travel agents are not their ball game. They work hard to get you that tempting cheap airfare deal to help you take your next international trip. They don`t find great airfare deals for you (Like most other websites do), They make those great travel deals for you with your wishes. All you have to do is Go to there website www.wishfare.com and Make a wish for your favorite travel destinations. Then sit and wait and let them do their work of bringing together the collaborative power of Social wishes from the community of their DIY travelers and bring those tempting cheapest airfares for you, also called wishfare right at you in your inboxes. 

Happy Traveling! Dream, Wish and Travel. Till then Wish and Stay Safe. Travel Soon!